Jack the Ripper

An English teacher believes he has uncovered evidence pointing to the true identity of legendary killer Jack the Ripper. Mystery
The controversial Jack the Ripper Museum has sparked further fury with it's "disgusting" Halloween event, where visitors
The museum's website has no imagery of the east end women or the victims of the Ripper "We certainly don’t glorify or glamourise
A group of anarchists who vandalised Shoreditch's hipster Cereal Killer Cafe at the weekend have announced their next target
If we want to end violence against women and girls, we need to start with ending the consumption of it as entertainment. We need to stop financially supporting an industry based on the construction of women as props in order recognise that women are people too.
A museum that promised to celebrate women's history, but was instead dedicated to notorious prostitute killer, Jack the Ripper
A fanciful engraving of Jack the Ripper being apprehended by police Marriot believes the legend of “Jack” came to be after
A museum intended to recognise and celebrate the women of East London has instead been dedicated to notorious prostitute
A contemporary illustration of the discovery of one of the Ripper's victims Cream, an abortionist, was sentenced to life
The Death mask of Daniel Good, executed outside Newgate prison on 23 May 1842 for the murder of his wife, Jane Jones Hundreds