jihadi john

With counter terrorist units at airports struggling to cope with workloads that have doubled, they also have to attempt to fill the gaps left by the absence of outbound border controls. Too few officers and too many flights make this a near hopeless task.
Those who assert that there is no connection with the West's foreign policy and the cancer of IS as its reach spreads ever wider throughout the Middle East are either ignorant or mendacious.
A school yearbook published by the Daily Mail from when Emwazi was 10 years old saw him claim to be a fan of the sugary pop
Since "Jihadi John" - real name Mohamed Emwazi - graduated in 2009 from the University of Westminster, the anti-extremism
The advocacy group CAGE has drawn staunch criticism for attempting to pin the blame for the radicalisation of 'Jihadi John
Rumman was hopeful, however, the student union would "bow down" to public pressure and "take a closer look at extremism at
Update: The University of Westminster has since informed HuffPost UK the signs have been on campus for "a while". The University
Sir Menzies Campbell, a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), said the parliamentary committee was likely
Mohammed Emwazi, the Londoner identified in reports as Islamic State executioner 'Jihadi John', has been described as "extremely
Islamic State murderer 'Jihadi John' has been outed as Mohammed Emwazi, a British university graduate from West London. The