John Keats

Don’t be needy, remember your sense of humour and write sober
Don’t be needy, remember your sense of humour and write sober
Rome is fantastic but as with every capital, it rarely shows the true national characteristics. For that you must scratch a little deeper. So if you get the chance, get yourself outside the cities to smaller communities.
The truth is, the modern world we live in does not appreciate poetry. Not like it ought to, not like you and I do. We get it. We eagerly await that new journal or book of poems, smuggle it like contraband into our grey morning commute.
A fragment of the only hand-written poem by John Keats known to remain in private hands is going under the hammer. Inspired
Footballers, step up for sloppy defending; for this is exactly what the paying public wants.
The seasons have long been a source of inspiration for poets and writers and there are plenty of verses about what's currently
Generally speaking, hash tags that trend on Twitter serve as chilling reminders that not everyone using the site are as caustic
'The season of mist and mellow fruitfulness' may well be beckoning but the apples 'bending the moss'd cottage-trees' in Keats' celebration of autumn are sadly absent in many gardens and orchards across the UK.