Syrian children face PTSD rates 10 times that of other young people around the world.
Fleeing the horrors of war, thousands of Syrian children have lost their innocence to violence, sexual abuse, grief and pain
'We have much less funding than last year... it's unfortunately my job to figure out which programs will close'
Lawrence has already discovered the perils of social media, and has even been fat-shamed by trolls.
There is something so predictably soul-destroying about airport security. From the long queues to the moment when you realise
Yesterday we visited St Paul's Anglican Church in Amman, Jordan. It is an extraordinary place - a congregation made up of Jordanians, a few Egyptians, some Syrians (though many of these have been resettled) and Iraqi refugees.
More than a dozen people suspected of being involved in an attack that left a teenage asylum seeker scarred for life are
All of the deaths, disappearances and instances of violence and torture that have affected my Syrian friends' lives should be fiction, could have been fiction if things had turned out differently. But since they haven't, these facts have had to be absorbed into the fabric of people's lives, just as the realities of life on a refugee camp have had to be.