Judicial review

The government is under fire for giving a lucrative deal to a company run by a couple with multiple links to the Tory party.
A legal action has been launched against the government over its failure to disclose details of its spending.
Court battle to give parliament more say over departure from EU was won using legal process.
Anti-Brexit campaigners used judicial review to fight prorogation of parliament – but campaigners warn reform will hurt the most vulnerable.
The teen's father, Tim, said: "They made a mistake, someone has made a mistake."
Shelter Scotland is seeking a judicial review into the council’s "unlawful" failure to provide temporary accommodation.
Ex-first minister of Northern Ireland Lord Trimble will seek a judicial review.
Outrage over black cab rapist case sparked change in parole system.
The coalition government has much to answer for since 2010. Yet what seems to escape almost all notice is their relentless attacks on the very fabric of British democracy. The conventional guarantee against totalitarianism in any democratic society is the Rule of Law, separation of powers, and public access to legitimate scrutiny of executive action. This was arguably a well-founded existence in Britain, until recently.