Karl Marx

The chief executive of the cemetery said he didn't think the monument "would ever be the same again."
Marx viewed capitalism as a living hell that chewed up human life.
Numsa says its workers' party is the only way to reduce poverty.
He has previously said: "I am a Marxist".
Asked to give more detail on his plan to raise taxes on those earning more than £80,000 a year, McDonnell said any increase
Sekuwumlando ukuthi uKhongolose waqeda umbuso wamaBhunu, kepha ngeke umlando ulethe umsebenzi, imfundo yamahhala, nokubuyiswa komhlaba ebantwini.
Over the last weekend those of us of a leftish persuasion could be found celebrating the contribution the Diggers made to
People spend money on things they don't need, drink themselves stupid at prices they can't afford and perhaps worst of all, offer charitable donations and expect nothing in return.
nly when a social transformation has taken place and when people can truly liberate themselves from subjugation can the new black and white dichotomy between western corporate democracy and Jihadi-fascism be overcome.