keir starmer

Chief whip Alan Campbell says their "personal safety should always be paramount".
This archaic process is an integral part of the UK's political procedure.
Senior party figures are unhappy with their leader's stance on the conflict.
Labour leader demands the prime minister call a general election.
Labour won two huge victories, overturning massive Tory majorities in Mid Bedfordshire and Tamworth.
Pressure will mount on the prime minister after the Tories saw their 19,634 majority in Tamworth crumble.
Humza Yousaf blasted both main parties, calling the Tories "extremist" and saying Labour had "abandoned its principles"
The ex-MP says Keir Starmer has "the values and competence to deliver the change our country desperately needs”.
The Labour leader said the prime minister should "let the country decide the change that it needs".
A clip of the incident shows the shadow chancellor was incensed at the interruption.