The company is also discontinuing one of its most sugary brands.
Some said it marked the end of civilisation. Others were miffed, despite not eating them since childhood. Some reminisced
Kellog’s is set to cut the amount of sugar in three of its best-selling cereals by up to 40% by the end of next year and
A trailer loaded with £45,000 worth of Kellogg's breakfast bars has been stolen from a lorry park in south-west Scotland
So, next week the Scots will decide if they want to be independent. Let me start by declaring a lack of interest in this issue. A complete lack of interest. I think may be one-eighth Scottish but I really don't care if I have Scottish blood coursing through my veins. It hasn't affected my life either way.
Kellogg's UK has been forced to apologise for the "wrong use of words" after posting a message on Twitter offering to give
The head of Britain's largest network of food banks has said his charity is "totally comfortable" with the association with
We give companies the ability to advertise harmful foods to children in a misleading way. We make healthier food more expensive and harder to come by. We create living environments not conducive to active lives. We then chastise the obese for not exercising their personal choice as if they made that choice in a vacuum.