Kirk Norcross

Lock up your daughters! Frankie Cocozza has revealed he plans to move in with fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemate Kirk
After Mark Wright, Kirk Norcross, Harry Derbridge and Maria Fowler all departed The Only Way Is Essex to 'pursue other projects
Amy Childs, Stacey Solomon, Kirk Norcross and Olly Murs are just a few of the celebs supporting this year's Sport Relief
Unbelievably, it's been twelve years since Kylie's arse acquired 'National Treasure' status after she squeezed her pert derriere
Shock of the week: Natalie Cassidy leaving the house, after the twins received a chorus of boos bigger than their own egos. Natalie hit the nail on the head by saying they are the most confident girls she has ever encountered...
Actress Natalie Cassidy and reality TV regular Kirk Norcross have become the latest stars to be booted out of the Celebrity
Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Georgia Salpa has blasted Kirk Norcross saying he "turned nasty" when she refused
The fact that I missed the first 15 minutes doesn't really mean too much, as this series reminds me of my last relationship; full of excitement and false promise that it was actually going somewhere. But the snap, crackle and pop is slowly fading on the Big Brudda hoose, and not even the prospect of seeing Denise's sagging udders could save it from a slow and painful demise.
As I slipped in to my leopard print onesie, I was thoroughly disappointed that The Andrew Stone show had been cancelled, and had to adjust my set to Come Bitch With Me instead.
The Only Way Is Essex is becoming an ever-more deserted stomping ground, with stars Maria Fowler and Harry Derbidge both
Andrew Stone is fine with being nominated, no really he is... Kim Kardashian wannabe, Georgia Salpa, is also facing the chop, but who is honestly going to know she was ever there? The highlight of her experience so far was showing her boobs to all the ladies in the loo...
Take a shot, let's get drunk and hit the dance floor. Sorry, you caught me mid flow of the K Mart Barbie twin's Hollywood anthem, and did you see Andrew Stone grinding upon that kitchen work surface praying it was a woman who actually believes he is straight?
Last night the self-confessed 'triple threat' Andrew Stone couldn't get enough of the sound of his own voice, as he went in to great detail about his life, loves and career crushes. If that man ever releases a book, which he actually hinted at during last night's self-indulgent bore fest, it will probably sell as well as Alan Partridge's Bouncing Back but won't come with free torch or Chocolate Orange.
I'm just going to say it; I think that this series of Celebrity Big Brother could be the best one yet. Don't get me wrong, the show still lacks that natural magic spark it once had, but it has been replaced by comedy so genius that it writes itself.
Celebrity Big Brother kicked off with a fantastic performance from ex-EastEnder Natalie Cassidy who was forced to flirt with
The Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross is keen to have sex in the Celebrity Big Brother house if he enters the show. The
Kirk Norcross has branded himself the outcast of TOWIE, admitting he does not regret his decision to leave the reality show
While Amy Childs is swanning about in LA - allbeit in a mobility scooter - it seems life is a little less glamorous for her
They made no secret of how much they disliked each other on The Only Way Is Essex and now Kirk Norcross and Mark Wright have
THE Only Way Is Essex could screen 48 WEEKS of the year after bosses decided it has the potential to run like a weekly soap