Now PM backs Bill to protect 999 staff from assault
A new law to protect emergency workers from assaults has won the personal backing of Theresa May after police, paramedics
The stir caused by attempts to frack in Lancashire is clear from the moment you arrive. The bus driver directed me to the site where Cuadrilla are trying to start fracking as almost a tourist destination, and fracking was the hot topic of conversation on the bus as we passed the gate. One passenger mentioned the earthquakes that had happened as a result of previous fracking attempts near Blackpool, and said about local residents here, "they're all very worried."
He was talking on the phone when he was knocked unconscious.
Police fear Poles lack confidence to report hate crimes committed against them, after a man did not come forward after being
Let's start analysing the work of LGBT poets in English and study the lives of LGBT figures in History. Let's provide books in the school library with LGBT characters that tell their own stories in a way young people can identify with. Let's include our LGBT students in school life, setting up spaces where they can feel comfortable in our community.
As a trans person going to the toilet in public is scary. I used to get really anxious, which made me need to go even more. I used to go the whole day holding it in just out of fear. Many trans people face violence and ridicule when they go to the toilet of their gender.
Three men have been arrested over claims of sexual assault and false imprisonment at an Islamic school for girls. Specialist
A man who died after his parachute came down in a field was a 40-year-old father-of-three, police said today. Lee Arthur
A male parachutist has died after coming down in a field, an ambulance service said. Paramedics were called to a field next
Strictly Come Dancing champions Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani waltzed into Blackpool Tower's ballroom with the Olympic torch
Halifax referred to a Lancashire dad as ‘F**k Off’ on a credit card application form, in an embarrassing gaff by the national