Tory minister Kris Hopkins has defended saying that it would be "perfectly legitimate" for private landlords to evict tenants
Grappling over the deposit with your landlord has become a bit of a rite of passage for undergraduates moving out of student
When flying the nest, you don't expect the transition from home to university to be smooth. Let's face it, everyone's heard
A quarter of students' homes are infested with rats, mice or slugs, while nearly a third are riddled with damp, condensation
Thousands of people are being needlessly forced out of their communities, exiled from their homes and pushed away from friends and family, all due to a government policy that is entrenching class division.
I am proud to be a landlord. I consider it a privilege to touch and improve peoples' lives by helping them into good quality accommodation. But today I don't feel so proud. Earlier this week, my attention was drawn to a Channel 4 News report on private landlords.
From April 2014, many landlords are set to face hefty tax bills following George Osborne's Autumn Statement announcing a rise in capital gains tax (CGT). At present, the last three years of a rented property's capital growth is exempt from tax once sold, if the landlord once lived in it. After April this will be halved to just 18 months.
Get involved with your community and get it back. It will mean tiresome public meetings in dusty social centres, aching arms from holding placards in the rain, and - even if you're not a big shot landlord - being a bit less selfish, which is never easy. But it sure as hell beats sobbing over click-bait photo galleries of some millionaire's busted up ballroom.
So what can be done? There is no international human rights court that can force the UK to comply with its human rights obligations.
Young people of London (and most of the rest of the UK)! Are you stuck in rental oblivion? Would need to sell a vital organ