Les Ferdinand

Naomi Campbell, Les Ferdinand and Sir Trevor McDonald celebrated in London exhibition
1) The biggest cheer wasn’t for the celebrities
One saving grace for the likes of Leicester, Bournemouth and Boro has to be the fact that Sunderland are surely halfway up the creek with no paddles whatsoever. Jermain Defoe crashed a shot against the bar but you just knew that a very average City side were going to score eventually, and they did. If I was feeling generous I would say that is what a good side can do, play badly and win. But I'm not feeling generous.
bmm banner.jpg It's always been a taboo subject; that process of men going to the doctors and talking about their health. Men always tended to stay away from it. Men didn't want to go to the doctors. Even today if they've got anything wrong with their waterworks some will think, 'Oh it'll be alright, we'll be alright". We're good at saying that. But this is a serious situation and it's important that people become more aware.
Newcastle's 90s legends were out in force for goalkeeper Steve Harper's testimonial, but Sunderland manager Paolo di Canio
Sir John Hall, the former Newcastle United chairman, made a racist joke about Les Ferdinand on live radio today. A guest
The phenomenon of fans willing their team to lose habitually rears its ugly head at the business end of the season. In the English Premier League, more often than not, it involves Manchester United. Spurs fans may have offered a helping hand in 1999 but United were exposed to the trick's drawbacks over a decade later.