Lion Air

It is the first time the voice recorder contents from the flight have been made public.
Two black boxes from the aircraft  are being taken to Paris for investigation.
"Low-ping signal" of black box voice recorder detected.
As investigations into why a Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane crashed into the sea killing all 189 people on board continue, divers have found the black box recorder.The recovery of the black box will add valuable information to the technicians concerned about the plane’s general safety and some answers for grieving families.
As search efforts continued to find the fuselage of the Lion Air flight that crashed into the Java sea on Monday, officials have reported that body parts have been found among the debris at the suspected crash site. The Indonesian transport ministry has ordered an inspection for all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes.
A Lion Air flight is believed to have crashed into the sea off Jakarta, Indonesia, with 189 people reported to be on board. Search and rescue operations have begun, while some personal belongings and debris has been found in the water around the suspected crash site.
The brand new aircraft lost contact with air traffic control just 13 minutes after takeoff.
Some 170 crew and passengers have emerged unscathed from an Indonesian jet which overshot a runway at a Bali airport before