Struggling to get a moment alone, parents? There's a reason for that: kids are missing their friends.
"It's been three weeks of perpetual Sunday afternoons – we’ve turned to each other for stimulation, motivation and inspiration."
Picking up the phone or slipping a note through a neighbour's door still shows you care, writes Alex Smith.
The 26-year-old says losing can affect his self-worth and make him feel isolated with no one to talk to.
Advice from experts for when you just can't seem to shake the loneliness.
The Great British Bake Off star discusses loneliness within the LGBTQ community, as well as how he managed his mental health while filming the Channel 4 show.
It's beneficial when volunteers give up their time to keep lonely people company – but what about the other way around?
“It’s just a very giving place. It’s more than a shop, let’s put it that way.”
It offers a free Christmas lunch to anyone spending the season alone – find out where it is.
Whether helping a loved one or a total stranger, there are plenty of ways to offer support.