We all feel a little lonely sometimes - but what does loneliness and isolation do to the human mind? Professor Nathan Spreng tells us how loneliness is similar to hunger, a signal that we need nourishment from social interaction and what loneliness can lead to happening in the brain.
Share My Home is a national provider that matches older people with compatible younger companions for the mutual benefits of shared living. Giving older people a social lifeline and an affordable way to remain living well at home.
Beau needed me to feed him, exercise him, train him ― and, above all, love him. My days no longer felt empty, but had purpose.
There will be ups and downs in the next six weeks. But I’m focusing on what I can control, and on the little things that get me through.
Yep, we know, that rhymes, but Queer House Party is back with a festive edition.
A new study unearths some fundamental differences in the 'lonely brain'.
Being alone doesn't have to mean feeling lonely, as we find out in our latest podcast episode.
It's the most wonderful time of the year. Except when it isn't.
In these times, it’s incredibly rewarding to know I might have brightened someone’s day and given them a little more hope.
Same doorstep spirit, only this time you're cheering on Santa.