long distance relationships

I knew the long distance thing would be challenging, but I'd hoped that it might become easier over time. Long distance, though, can make the most firm relationship feel fragile regardless of hope, time and expectation. It's like throwing an egg in the air and catching it again and again, knowing it could break in your hands no matter how careful you are. It's not a ceramic egg either.
Freshers week is looming and, for many, so is the thought of a boyfriend or girlfriend necking Jägerbombs with new friends
If you're at University then there's a chance you'll meet the love of your life. There's also a chance that they won't be from the same country as you, or even the same continent. This means if they don't manage to find a job after graduation, and you're in it for the long haul, then you're headed for a Long Distance Relationship
If you're faced with the prospect of a long distance relationship then you're going to hear one of two things from people giving you advice; either the old adage 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' or that you're in for a rough old ride!
This 100% focus on talking and understanding each other could well mean that your love is bound to feel purer as you love them for their personality as what you feel isn't based upon passion or lust.
I have always enjoyed a solitary state without distractions, so I can 'away with the fairies' or lose myself in the lull of a soft breeze, carrying smatterings of conversations, bird song, the distant flow of traffic, barks, bells, road works and that which is named silence in a city such as this.
Since my husband moved to China, leaving me to rediscover life as a one-person household, I have developed a real fondness for the virtual version of my man. In fact, the guy I have begun to think of as 'Ed 2.0' has so many benefits that, when he reappears in solid form, I fear the original model may need an upgrade.
Digital lip-locking could be the future of long-distance relationships, hopes Dr Hooman Samani of Lovotics, who has invented
A bottle of wine shared after a particularly trying day at work is far more relaxing than a bottle of wine binged upon while trawling deeper and deeper through the annals of Facebook, the stream of which seems to be filled exclusively with evidence that my exes are all coping with single life far better than I am.