A Mafia boss has been arrested in London after nearly two decades on the run. Domenico Rancadore, who is wanted by the Italian
While already known for racketeering, intimidating violence and family loyalty it turns out the Sicilian Mafia are also pioneers
On the surface, The Prince of Naples is a simple David and Goliath story of a boy who seeks revenge on a power much greater than he is (which is always exciting in itself) but on a deeper level it's a picture of inside the mind of a child forced by tragedy to grow up too fast.
The mayor of a Sicilian town famous for its connections to the mafia has asked for forgiveness for the bloodshed committed
To say that burglars are cowards is to play into the conventional political and media narrative that criminals turn to illegal activity because they are too lazy to make it straight. Which simply isn't true.
For fans of the gangster genre, Goodfellas is possibly one of the most loved and quoted. Apart from the number of times the
A couple of days ago, I blogged about Silvio Berlusconi's resignation as Prime Minister of Italy and quoted an English friend
Nudity, violence, bad language - the Italian crime series Romanzo Criminale has them all. Director Stefano Sollima talks