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Bill Etheridge, the UKIP MEP who praised Adolf Hitler as a "forceful public speaker" at a recent Ukip conference, has expressed
A Ukip MEP is embroiled in a row after advising prospective party candidates to emulate Hitler's speaking style. Bill Etheridge
A Mail on Sunday front page hysterically declaring the NHS is to fund sperm banks for LESBIANS (paid for by YOU!) has been
I do hope this piece of right wing vitriol sits squarely with the delightful Christian values of Cameron's Christ-like aspirations. Oh, and Happy Easter... One suspects that we should all be grateful that the benevolent Government and right-wing press have had a day off from victimising the poor... Oh, wait...
People have taken to Twitter to implore people to donate to food banks, in response to a Mail On Sunday article that claimed
Peter Hitchens has hit back against those who criticised his "addiction myth" exchange with Friends actor Matthew Perry on
Families would only be able to claim benefits for two children under plans put forward by a member of David Cameron's policy
The five things you need to know on Monday 18 November 2013... 1) DAVE'S TAX CUT HEADACHE Dave won't be pleased with the
Explosive photographs have emerged, showing British army soldiers apparently making Nazi salutes. The two men were shown
On Monday, having rested on Sunday, I took a cold look at the quality of the reporting of the IPCC across all English Language newspapers. Using the Nexis News Database I took a quick look at how the IPCC was actually reported last week, not how I thought it had been and was going to be reported.