Major League Baseball

Barack Obama has backed the move by big names including Naomi Osaka and LeBron James.
Change of heart follows a weekend of golf and after two Yankees players knelt during the national anthem at a stadium in Washington.
A child was struck by a baseball during a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Houston Astros in Houston, Texas. Cubs player Albert Almora Jr hit a foul ball which reached the crowds in the stands. Immediately after, the child was seen being picked and taken away by people who were with her, as teammates and stadium staff consoled Almora. The girl was taken to hospital, but her condition is not known.
Wanting to dig a little deeper into the sport and technical aspects of the clothing, I asked about the differences between the commercially available jerseys and the ones the baseball players wear.
It is a symbolic coincidence that the Rays will visit Cuba at the same time Obama will. Back in 1960 baseball was the last open line of communication between Havana and Washington, and it seems that as the two former foes come together, baseball may again be a centerpiece for this new relationship.
Baseball. Where grown men of highly varying fitness levels are paid millions to wear pajamas and throw balls at other men armed with sticks and wearing different colored PJs. So the World Series kicks off this Tuesday night in the USA, Wednesday morning in Australia, and I'm damn excited.
The spotlight may be on Sabathia right now, but he is by no means alone. This week we will watch the athletes we admire play for the teams we love. We will do this without having a clue which of them are also fighting the demons of addiction. Ones who haven't yet admitted they are also struggling, alone. Terrified. Not yet uttering the words to describe their need for help.
Whether London is the first European landing spot remains to be seen, but it looks likely that MLB will be playing games in this continent in the near future and following the NFL's path to London surely would be an attractive proposition at some point.
The 2014 Major League Baseball (MLB) season was brought to a close last week by the San Francisco Giants enjoying a title
In a new series of posts covering Major League Baseball, we'll look at the best bits of the past week's action from across the pond. Here's some of what's happened in MLB over the past seven days...