Malcolm Rifkind

Senior Conservative backbencher Sir Malcolm Rifkind has declared it is "simply unrealistic" to believe MPs can survive on
Whichever way the vote goes on Thursday, there will need to be a process of healing afterwards, because the big irony has been that in debating whether to divide from England, the Scots have actually divided themselves from each other, not just political groups but neighbours and families. Perhaps Scottish Jews, used to reconciling multiple identities over the centuries, can be part of the process.
Last year David Cameron pledged his support to President Obama in confronting the Syrian regime. The pledge was wrecked by Ed Miliband, for narrow political advantage. Had action been taken a year ago, we wouldn't have heard of ISIL/ISIS and its latest incarnation, so-called IS.
Former Labour cabinet minister Peter Hain has slammed those who "rewrite" the history of their support for Nelson Mandela
Major terror plots against the UK have been foiled BECAUSE of email interceptions by GCHQ and other security agencies, according
It's a matter of supreme irony that The Daily Mail choose the same week in which they condemned the Royal Charter on Press Regulation as censorship, to invoke the language of McCarthy against a fellow newspaper.
First published on RT Op-Edge. The disparity in response to Edward Snowden's disclosures within the USA and the UK is astonishing
The five things you need to know on Thursday 4 July 2013... 1) 'THE CAIRO COUP' That's the headline in the Independent. The
An unprecedented public grilling of the UK's key security and intelligence bodies has been postponed so MPs can concentrate
Why would MI5 and MI6 retain the services of someone so dangerous given the overwhelming evidence of his centrality to violent radicalisation? Is MI5, through Al Muhajiroun, hatching many of the plots it lays claim to successfully foiling?