Mariano Rajoy

'We are the comeback kids'.
What is clear however is that Spain is disunited and what its constitution has to say on the Catalonia issue is not fit for purpose. It is time both Rajoy, or better yet a new Prime Minister who won't assault his own people, and Puigdemont come around the table and resolve their differences in a genuinely democratic and diplomatic way - for the sake of Catalonia and the rest of Spain.
Huge pro-independence demonstration in Barcelona follows.
Spain’s bid to sack Catalonia’s government and curb its parliament’s powers has been likened to the dictatorship of Francisco
Madrid could theoretically take control of police and finances, as well as calling a snap election.
Spain is to begin the process of taking control of Catalonia’s powers, imposing direct rule on the semi-autonomous region
It is the greatest success ever achieved by the pro-independence cause.
A peaceful independence referendum turned into scenes of chaos.
On 20 December 2016, the Spanish Presidency of the Security Council has organized a ministerial level open debate on "Maintenance
A youth-driven Brexit could play the initial role in dismantling the EU, and without this disintegration any hope for social progress may become much more distant. For the sake of the youth, you only live once: vote for exit! Or as I should say, YOLOEXIT.