marine le pen

France has gone to the polls on Sunday for the first round of a presidential election which could see Nicolas Sarkozy ejected
French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been dubbed “Nicolas Le Pen” by the Wall Street Journal after the president turned to
The leader of France's far-right party Marine Le Pen has gathered enough signatures to mount a presidential campaign, the
François Hollande's visit to London last week suggested the Socialist presidential candidate is increasingly confident about his election prospects.
A campaign in favour of euthanasia has used photomontages of French presidential candidates on the brink of death in a bid
Francois Hollande has visited London in an effort to inspire those French voters who have exchanged French statism for British
The true campaign season has not yet started in France and there are already a large number of candidates, a total of 15. The current president Nicolas Sarkozy has not yet officially declared himself a candidate, saying he would continue to do his work as president until the end of his term, although many expect him to do so very soon after newspaper Liberation revealed that he had already chosen his campaign headquarters.
Last week I was researching film locations for a series of films I'm doing about a France, which most Britons won't recognize, most French too. Housing projects encircle Paris. Maybe 'encircle' is too mild. Maybe 'lay siege' to Paris is appropriate.