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In this week's Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens sneeringly prescribes reporters of sexual harassment, pestering and assault
Arron Banks: ‘You don’t have a monopoly on history!’
Arron Banks: 'You don't have a monopoly on history!'
Rather than defer to a respected historian’s perspective, the businessman doubled down.    The gallery had its say. Beard
The classicist ventures into a topic that's caused plenty of controversy.
Cambridge scholar Mary Beard has lambasted 'safe space' policy at universities as "fundamentally dishonest". In a broadside
Cambridge scholar Mary Beard has praised Jeremy Corbyn for behaving with a “considerable degree of dignity” against claims
Nigella Lawson has received belated support from an unlikely source, in Simon Schama. The TV historian and writer has told
Men who wouldn't win a prize at Crufts feel entitled to judge the appearance of women and find them lacking, as if they've wilfully failed to conform to conventional standards of beauty out of spite. Men who might easily be mistaken for Dobby the House Elf, feel wronged when the office isn't staffed with eye candy of a standard they deem high enough.
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