Michael Caine

Concluding the Nolan Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises does not have the element of surprise inherent in Batman Begins and had to follow the near-perfect The Dark Knight. To its credit, it almost succeeds blending state-of-the-art direction techniques with astounding action and poignant moments of character.
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Director Christopher Nolan showed up on Michael Caine's doorstep to offer him the role of Batman's butler Alfred, and refused
Gillian Anderson and Clemence Poesy joined Michael Caine for a photo opportunity to promote their upcoming film Mr Morgan's
Computers. They're tiny, and they're everywhere and now even dogs can used them. But that wasn't always the case. These ever
A nation's culture shift is not necessarily an easy thing to spot. Ask any ordinary citizen how Britain has changed over
"I just talk. To me, I sound like everybody else," says Michael Caine of his tool in trade, arguably the most distinctive
The press junket for Cars 2, which meant a pretty heavyweight offering of the combined talents of Michael Caine, Jason Isaacs and John Lasseter in a London hotel. The corridor was a military invasion of activity - stunning girls on walkie-talkies, security men patrolling the corridors, attendants talking in hushed tones - you could be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled into a G8 summit.