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In a world where Lady Gaga's wardrobe has rendered most of us immune to odd outfits it takes something special to stand out
After being accused by a headmistress of harming children by "glamourising bullying and arrogant behaviour", could the X
Amelia Lily's return to X Factor last night added an extra twist to what has already been a dramatic week for the beleaguered
X Factor's headline tonight wasn't anybody being voted off, but who was going to come back and replace disgraced Frankie
X Factor judge Gary Barlow talks exclusively to this week's heat magazine in his first celebrity magazine chat in four years
X Factor said goodbye to Kelly Rowland's act Sophie Habibis tonight - although the former Destiny's Child star wasn't there
X Factor bosses have had a terrible week as it approaches the Halloween-themed live show this weekend - with one judge calling
X Factorjudge Kelly Rowland has jetted back to the US in a strop, reportedly leaving her acts in the lurch without a mentor
The X Factor has had to say farewell to another contestant, with Sami Brookes being forced to pack up her dreams and leave
This weekend saw X Factor finally doing what it advertises on the tin – leaving the show's finalists at the mercy of the