I have a confession. I am a Mortgage-Free Wannabe and a spreadsheet addict. Well there are worse things one could be addicted to.
I spoke to a woman that is selling her time through a personal ad on the internet. "I work 30 hours a week as a chef, but I'm a single mum of a 13-year-old girl with a mortgage over my head and my wage doesn't go where I need it to." Her name is Lisa.
As the euro teeters on the brink of collapse, and the global economy faces unprecedented severe weather warnings, recovering unpaid tax is a higher priority than ever for countries feeling the financial pain.
With winter approaching and more of my income going on heating bills, I have been thinking of ways to raise money, heat my one bedroom flat, and live through this recession with relative ease.
British families will need to dig deep to find an extra £1,679 a year to maintain their lifestyles and keep up with rising
A charity has called for better safeguarding for vulnerable dementia patients after it discovered that 15% of patients are
Children prefer a traditional Christmas and would rather spend time with their family than receive presents, according to
A mother was landed with a £1,300 bill after letting her seven-year-old son play a 'free' zoo app on her iPad - not realising
I'm not against Christmas, contrary to the view of the parent of a child that approached me once and asked if I was Santa's sister because his mum has said I was 'Aunty Christmas.' I love Christmas.
What should I be doing to prepare and reduce the effects of the recession? When I go to the coffee shop should I downgrade from a vente to a grande? Should I abandon the coffee shop altogether as an excessive pleasure and drink granulated coffee at home?
The Circuit of the Americas group offered a press release earlier today stating they have proffered a contract to Formula One Management's (FOM) Bernie Ecclestone that was inclusive of the initial payment for sanctioning fees to host the race in Austin in 2012 should the F1 boss agree to it.
Four out of 10 Britons who celebrate Christmas (42%) will rein in their spending on presents this year, a survey has revealed
As many as 4.5m Britons could be concealing secret savings from their partner, amounting to a total stash of £4.6bn
We seem to have created a system that is behind the wit of both those who pay it and those who administer it. It would be perfectly possible to merge it with income tax in a way that creates relatively few winners or losers. Doing so is a no brainer.
We've all seen scams, we've all received and I dare to say many of us have fallen prey to scams. The only comfort after this
If you've been feeling the pinch lately, more prosperous times may be ahead as new research reveals that the average Brit
Privacy and security are issues we all worry about whenever we divulge our personal information. Unfortunately many of the
Nearly half of women aged 40 and over who are living with a partner have no pension of their own, research from Prudential
The UK's economy grew by 0.5% in the third quarter of 2011, official statistics showed on Tuesday morning. The figures were
Conor's words reflect a general feeling in the Occupy London camp outside St Paul's cathedral that this is a Church that has lost its way. The protest was never aimed at Christianity; it was intended to challenge the corporate greed of big business but, say the protesters, the cathedral's reaction has highlighted just how pervasive the problem is in our society.