month of kinship

You might think you listen attentively to your partner when they come through the door each evening. But are you genuinely
Men United is one team I am happy to support, without question. Sometimes we have to turn a blind eye to our friends little quirks and oddities, I know I did. My best mate is an Evertonian, I am a dyed-in-the-wool Red. And that's exactly what Prostate Cancer UK wants us all to do: get your friends together and do something great to beat this horrible disease that affects one in eight men.
Any animal lover knows pets aren't just pets. They are part of the family and our friends. I'm wild with rage that Plod met such a grisly fate and I'm livid that my family have lost their lovely little friend.
As awkward teens, first kisses divided us into two camps: those who were convinced they'd found The One and those who hoped
From the moment I was handed your death certificate, I have had to reluctantly crawl and claw my way back to what non spouse bereaved members of society would call 'normal' whilst crippled by nerves and anxiety, my physical and mental health continually hanging by a thread during a drunken haze of euphoric reflection.
The funny thing about falling love is that the act is probably one of the most spontaneous things you’ll ever do in your
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Everyone thinks they’re doing it right when it comes to relationships. But ask any relationship counsellor and you’ll discover
You and I both know that charities are great at churning out stats, but with one in eight men (and an astonishing one in four black men) affected by prostate cancer in their lifetime, these numbers quickly become brothers, best mates, uncles, grandfathers, and even sons.
February is traditionally the month for celebrating romantic relationships, while the single ones get pissed and end up being sick into a bin or in the bed of some stranger, but at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we're tired of it.
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you'd expect things to start revving up in the bedroom. But, the reality is that for