Motivation is tricky to address, as it really is a case of different strokes for different folks. Case in point: the dreaded scales. An undesired number could fuel you to train and diet your socks off for the next month, or it could knock you flying off the wagon into a 'why do I bother' downward spiral.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when properly motivated. New Year and New Year resolutions are not the place to start.
In the same way that we exercise and watch our nutrition to keep in good shape you'll find that meditation is a key factor in running a healthy company.
Motivation to work hard and keep working hard. The ability to motivate your team to believe in your vision and bring their own drive to the game. And ultimately, the ability to motivate customers to invest in your products, to use them and to spread the word for you.
Due to the need to improve the evidence base for participatory arts and health courses, people on the waiting list were invited to take part in an evaluation of Open Arts.
....and only do what you love. So, what qualifies me to do this? Well I took the plunge to be self employed when I had no
Why is it so important to keep creativity vibrant and alive? Creativity is not only about activities such as drawing, painting, graphics, writing etc.: it's also about creative solutions, intuition, understanding of others, empathy. These qualities bring out generosity, abundance, awareness of others, self-realisation.
What would it take to raise your motivation and creativity levels? Perhaps a secret garden, 'Granny flat' interiors and an
Sometimes things don't come easy. Sometimes life's hard. In those times, inspiration people rally together and pick each other up. Tell their war stories and remind each other why they're doing what they do.
The days are getting longer and warmer, meaning it's time to pull yourself out from the comfort of your winter layers and