mount everest

Christopher John Kulish, 61, ascended the more than 29,000-foot peak on Monday, but died suddenly while coming down.
Robin Haynes Fisher, 41, died in the so-called “death zone” known for low levels of oxygen on descent from the summit.
Three climbers and a guide have died on Mount Everest as inclement weather forced climbers to wait for pockets of good weather, causing congestion. Queues of climbers formed near the summit, adding to the exhaustion of those attempting to reach the peak. Despite calls to limit the number of permits sold to climbers each year, quotas have yet to be implemented.
Max Stainton has never let his cerebral palsy stop him from doing the things he wants to do. But an idea that came about in the pub to show everyone that people with disabilities can do anything put his body to the extreme. With the aid of a horse, Max became the first person with a disability to reach Everest base camp and to send the message that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.
Tom Ballard and his climbing partner, Daniele Nardi, have not been heard from since Sunday.
The 47-year-old, who climbed to an altitude of 8,000 metres without oxygen, returned to SA on Thursday to a hero's welcome.
The modern world, complete with huge advances in technology and exploration, can often feel like it leaves little to the
If you’ve always wanted to climb Everest, but don’t fancy risking your life in the process, the latest virtual reality experience