In an over-sexualised world, there aren't many taboos left, but this is one worth making an effort to break if we are to build a society where the vagina is not only loved and respected but openly articulated.
Ultimately, a moustache is a thing of sophistication, and maturity; of subtlety and patience. Remember, a moustache is for life, not just for Movember.
Like not being a millionaire, not being capable of growing a beard upsets me because I know I'd be bloody good at it.
The idea for Digital Sizzle was born one Saturday afternoon on the rooftop of The Queen of Hoxton pub in Shoreditch. A start-up project manager with experience in both the Cambridge and London tech scenes, a web designer and a digital PR guy that sat down and wondered if there was a way to make a real contribution to this community? How could we create a space to share stories, work, lessons and laughs? We decided on something as simple as the common BBQ.
It's almost halfway through Movember - the sprouting season for charitable chaps who have let moustaches roam over their
The smashing together of November and moustache has begat Movember, a month which sees menfolk brandishing attempts at facial
For nearly eight years now people have stared at my face. In the street, on the tube, in shops, while I'm eating, it doesn't matter where I am, they can't help it. Some point, some laugh, most look on in admiration and sometimes, I'm sure I've seen onlookers weep steamy tears of joy when they look at me. The reason for this reaction is neither a grotesque affliction or that I resemble Brad Pitt. It is quite simply the Mo that adorns my face, big bushy and proud, combating prostate and testicular cancer by raising funds and awareness for Movember.
One of the biggest cancers affecting men had never even entered my consciousness until a couple of Christmasses ago when I got a phone call telling me my dad was going for tests, which ended up with me going with him for his first treatment on that Christmas eve.
It's that time of year again. Upper lips all over the country are being gradually obscured from view as Movember fever takes hold. As it is a good cause, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the 10 greatest movie 'taches of all time...
To celebrate the start of Movember, we've found some of the most famous moustaches to get your boyfriend/husband/work colleague