It may sound obvious, but one of the most important aspects of keeping stage fright at bay, is to know what you are performing, and to know it really well. Don't kid yourself that you can wing it. Most of the time, you can't and it is wise to assume you can't.
one hundred years after his death, the story and legacy of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, the British child of mixed heritage born with little initial privilege but so much to offer, now unfolds.
Underworld star Rick Smith has been taken ill after the dance act masterminded the music for last night's three-hour London
Musician and model, VV Brown's transition to the world of fashion seems like a fluid and natural journey and perhaps even expected of musicians these days. But unlike many of her peers, VV's venture into fashion has been woven with values that reveal the brand as one that is compassionate, thoughtful and innovative.
A couple of years ago medical student Emeli Sandé was just like any other student, spending her days writing essays, cramming for exams and dissecting the odd body part.