I look at ways in which to enable and help my son Tom, live his life to the best of his ability with the use of early interventions, sensory play activities and the use of visual timetables. I find the word 'cure' and the connotations of this that a person on the autistic spectrum can be made 'all better' and therefore fixed very unsettling.
One of the core criticisms of apprenticeships up until now has been that training has not accurately reflected or been aligned with what employers need or want. In order for apprenticeships to be truly effective, they must become central to the workforce planning of business and not an add on...
Have you always dreamed of a career as an accountant or risk advisor but couldn't afford university? Well never fear - there's
Pensacola Lighthouse in Florida is known for having one of the best views out to the Gulf of Mexico. Built in 1859, the lighthouse
This year over 90 businesses from across the country were given a chance to showcase their Apprenticeship programme, and bring benefits to local people through the community challenges they undertook. Teams also raised around £35,000 as part of the Challenge and are helping to recruit the future generation of apprentices.
Drake came across as a simpering, emasculated wreck, as if to appeal to a modern and sexually egalitarian society his record company decided to surgically suck out his machismo. I wouldn't be surprised if he carries his testicles around in a dainty testicles purse.
The Converse 'Represent' series has seen the likes of Plan B, Blur, Santigold and Paul Weller join in its incredible line