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Britain’s National Crime Agency is working with its partners following claims that the wrong person was caught in an operation
Britain's top crime agency has warned internet users to protect themselves against cyber attacks which have seen fraudsters
The hacking collective known as Lizard Squad have taken down the National Crime Agency website in a revenge attack following
Little wonder then, that just before a general election, it has been politically expedient to shine the 'cover up spotlight' on a battered, bruised and demoralised police service.
A suspected hacker from Britain has been arrested in connection with an alleged cyber attack on the United States Department
The Government has consistently reduced resources and funding to the police so much so that many online child sex offenders can now offend without the fear of getting caught. It is sadly the reality that up until now no senior police officer has been bold enough to say.
British cyber spooks have created a new online game to find new recruits - and test the public's ability to deal with hacking
The number of UK-born children identified as being trafficked for sexual abuse more than doubled last year. Data released
The upsurge in human trafficking over recent years is one of the saddest and most serious aspects of the on-going globalisation of crime. Here we assess the scale of the problem and look at how technology can be employed to address it.
At the European elections next May, voters will face a fundamental choice about what kind of country they want Britain to be. An inward, backward-looking country that pulls up the drawbridge on its allies in Europe and attempts to navigate the challenges of the 21st century alone. Or one that is willing to embrace international cooperation in the fight against organised crime and new threats such as cyber-attacks, human-trafficking and online fraud...
The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning alerting people to a mass 'ransomware' spam email. The email - which
Britain's new FBI-style crime-fighting service goes live on Monday morning, targeting the countries 37,000 most serious organised
The NCA will be responsible for co-ordinating the fight against organised crime, which is estimated to cost between £20 and £40 billion a year in Britain. Predictably the NCA has become the latest agency to be hailed as "Britain's answer to the FBI".
Theresa May has announced the head of the new National Crime Agency will lead a six month inquiry into both historic and
A US-style National Crime Agency to tackle serious and organised crime and protect the UK's borders will be enshrined in
There are 19 Bills in the 2012 Queen's Speech - some of them are new revelations but many of them press ahead with things
Three new regional 'hubs' have been created to help fight cyber crime in the Humber, Northwest and East Midlands areas, it
In a time of severe financial constraints (the Kent force and indeed my authority are absorbing 20% cuts to our funding) funding the PCC election is something of a headache, but as always we will dig deep and respond positively.
The world of policing remains a busy one with lots of developments both here in Kent and at a national level. Taking the
Theresa May has named the head of the national crime agency - Warwickshire police chief constable Keith Bristow. Bristow