Unit formed to fight Scottish independence is said to have asked vaccine taskforce about branding Oxford injection kits.
The SNP is on the rise once again in Scotland and nationalist parties in Northern Ireland outnumber unionists for the first time in history. The PM faces calls to act.
Nikhil Advani said that for the betterment of the nation it is important to focus on the problems which lie within the country.
Kangana Ranaut had called the journalists boycotting her 'anti-national'.
We should be careful with patriotism and never let it veer into prejudice and sneering bigotry towards others
We're lucky in the UK. From traveling around Europe and the world, I've always felt the UK is one of the most cohesive countries on the planet. We lead our lives, for the most part, sheltered from the most extreme forms of intolerance.
We may be politically-divided, with a slowing economy, a 'severe' national threat level and have just become the fattest country in western Europe but in many ways the UK's still winning.
In the USA, white supremacy and the brutality of the alt-right and Nazis are on the rise.
The problem is the alt-right is not keen to debate and reason, they hate political correctness, love Trump and probably won't read evidence based arguments against the things they believe in. I feel the only way we can fight this kind of hatred is by shaming those who do it, make those who parade Nazi flags and racist slogans around our streets feel ashamed of their vile views and make sure they know it is not socially acceptable to be racist or homophobic. We need to stamp out hatred peacefully and do it quickly before it catches.