The details, twists and turns of the debate are hard to follow even for seasoned experts. For the public with a day job, it’s next to impossible, Tony Blair writes.
Coveney said the UK and EU's negotiators need to 'lock themselves into a room'.
The negotiation of international agreements on a large scale always takes many more than two years
The Prime Minister’s Brexit speech at Mansion House last Friday may have been the first time we saw flesh on the Brexit bones, but has the deal/ship already sailed? And is anyone planning her negotiation strategy?
I am left wondering whether Dennis Skinner, the Brexiters and Donald Trump, despite their widely different views and takes on the world, actually share something in common. An inability to deliver due to a lack of compromise.
We need to remember that negotiation sometimes requires us to behave in ways that might not come naturally to us. We might be confronted by negotiators who are firm, tough, direct or rejecting. How might that make us feel?
Make a commitment that next time you hear a female friend or colleague describing an assertive women as aggressive, pushy or a 'ball-breaker', to take her aside and say why this view has to change.
Let's face it... In negotiation you need to get comfortable with experiencing rejection. It is highly likely that they are going to reject your opening offer...and if they don't, it's highly likely that you haven't done your research properly and opened extreme enough.