nepal earthquake

Nepal has been devastated by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck on 25 April, wiping out whole villages, destroying
The horrific scenes in Nepal and further afield following last weekend's huge earthquake have been hard to avoid. I'm sure most people will have had the conversation that goes something like "oh, isn't it horrible, if only there was something we could do to help". And then forgotten about it. But there is something you can do.
The devastating Nepal earthquake has destroyed whole communities and iconic buildings, and the death toll has risen above
It is the first time that the Instant Network Mini, weighing just 11kg and with up to a one kilometre coverage radius, would have been deployed, helping relatives reconnect and NGOs to carry out their work.
We can't change the terrible experience these children have already lived through, but we must try to ensure that each and every one of the children affected are kept safe, and provided with the food, water and supplies they so desperately need.
Our colleagues on the ground in Nepal are reporting that the earthquake is like nothing they have ever experienced and describe utter devastation. They report dwindling supplies of water and food, power outages, and downed communication networks.
During my visit, our plane had to circle in the sky above Kathmandu for hours whilst we struggled to land due to the morning fog and we experienced hours of standstill traffic as we tried to navigate our way through the city slums.
As the death toll from the Nepal earthquake passes 5,000, tens of thousands of others have been left homeless and struggling
As Nepal struggle to come to terms with the horrors left behind by the huge earthquake which devastated the country, there
A second earthquake has struck Nepal after the devastating 7.8 magnitude quake in April that killed over 8,000 people, meaning