New Cross

The demonstration over the deaths of 13 young Black people stopped traffic on Blackfriars Bridge and signalled a turning point in the movement for UK race equality.
On 18 January, 1981, a house fire in south London killed 13 young black people. One survivor died by suicide two years later. Compounded by perceived inaction by the police to investigate the tragedy, silence from senior state figures, and negative media coverage about the fire, the ‘Black People’s Day Of Action’ march was organised. It would turn out to be one of the most significant political demonstrations to ever take place in Britain and was a pivotal moment for the movement of race equality in London and the rest of the UK.
A missing student who failed to turn up to her family’s home on Christmas Eve appears to have posted messages on Facebook
Fears are growing for a university student who failed to turn up at her family’s home on Christmas Day. Isabel Gayther has
Now in its fourth year, the ten-day event sees local volunteers turn curators, as they pull together an eclectic programme of feature films and documentaries by new and established talent. Best of all, aside from the fact that all the events are free, the screenings take place in a string of interesting local venues.
In one way or another, the residents of New Cross Gate have played an integral role in making real change and keeping the community café an on-going success. It doesn't belong to a corporation or a big investor, it's their community café and it's evolving with them, catering to all echelons and ages...
We all know that Londoners are divided by one thing and one thing only. The river. For every North Londoner who will swear blind that they have the coolest bars, there will be a South Londoner arguing that you'll find the most eclectic restaurants on their side of the Thames.
When I read that Lewisham, my home borough, had been ranked the most violent place in Britain, my first reaction was embarrassment - my university friends from all over the world and the UK that I had been trying to convince of Lewisham's greatness would now be laughing in my face.
A tip of the hat to the London blog Brockley Central, who spotted the sight below in neighbouring New Cross. New Cross, in