Nigel Lawson

Unfortunately, for those people who really wanted to debate EU membership and consider voting to leave, they aren't going to get their chance. The referendum has nothing to do with those issues or even EU membership - and for this reason I would encourage everyone of a like mind (to leave) to vote Remain.
Margaret Thatcher’s former Chancellor Nigel Lawson has been announced as the new head of one of the campaigns fighting to
And in a bid to counter Lawson's claims, many women started posting rebuttals proving they could perform their jobs as doctors
Former chancellor Lord Lawson has dismissed David Cameron's EU re-negotiation as "inconsequential" as the bitter war of words
Lord Lawson, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer leading the Tory campaign to exit the EU, has said he is not "anti-European
A charity founded by a former chancellor that voices scepticism in the climate change debate has been forced to re-brand
Britain's exit from the European Union would boost the economy by £1.3 billion, according to a senior trade diplomat. Iain
George Osborne has come under pressure to raise the 40p income tax threshold in order to help the "middling professionals
George Osborne has come under further pressure to help middle-income earners as former chancellor Lord Lawson of Blaby said