Claims of islamophobia and blackmail, along with the partygate inquiry, have hit No.10 in recent weeks.
The monarch refused to bend lockdown just for Prince Philip's funeral last year.
"I’ve got a reputation for being a party girl anyway, but in this situation the answer is ‘no’ – you set an example, and you live by that example."
Sajid Javid even said that the public are "right to be angry" over the alleged parties.
Nadhim Zahawi said he "does not recognise" the alleged codenames.
A list of No.10's most bizarre reasons for partying when the rest of the country was in lockdown.
"The perfect place to fill a suitcase full of booze should you be invited to a party at No.10 Downing Street."
Boris Johnson "owes the British people the truth," according to the shadow cabinet minister.