North Yorkshire

Three houses have been evacuated amid fears they could collapse after a huge 25-ft wide sinkhole opened up in a street. Police
In the 'old days', we wouldn't think twice about stuffing an overnight bag and whisking ourselves off for a long weekend somewhere, but once you are a 2 + 1 the logistics are a little more complicated, to say the least.
A bin bag stuffed with thousands of pounds of cash has been left on the doorstep of a house. North Yorkshire Police said
Ukip has suspended a member who allegedly made racist jokes on Facebook, saying he would destroy mosques, burn Muslims and
Two men were taken to hospital after a bridge collapsed in North Yorkshire, plunging them into the river below. The pair
Police are investigating whether Savile was involved in an abuse ring at his highland cottage The motion to remove Savile's
A man and a woman who were injured following a devastating explosion inside a caravan were today recovering in hospital. The
A man has died after apparently going on to a river in an inflatable dinghy. A search involving police, a mountain rescue
The UK's biggest coal mining firm has admitted health and safety offences following the death of a miner at one of its pits
A patient undergoing surgery was set on fire when the solution used to clean their skin ignited, an NHS Trust confirmed today