Opening ceremony

Tonight's Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics will undoubtedly bring wry smiles and pangs of melancholy to those attending. Though there is another part of the capital which will do just as much. In fact it's already at it.
When Ankie Spitzer, widow of Andre Spitzer, stretched out her hands to Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee president, and begged him to hold a minute's silence, he refused. "My hands are tied" he said. "No," Ankie replied: "Your hands are not tied. My husband's hands were tied, so were here his feet, when he was murdered. That was having your hands tied."
NHS nurses are expected to take part in the opening ceremony on Friday night Footballer David Beckham, who was a key figure
Rehearsal footage of the Olympic opening ceremony was removed from YouTube on Wednesday as organisers stepped up efforts
As I was looking around the council chamber in Camden I couldn't help but think of Show Day, and I thought maybe a citizenship ceremony is nothing but an opening show for what hopefully turns out to be a happy and prosperous life in a new country.
Like it or not, there is always an underlying competitiveness lurking in there smuggled in amongst the bonhomie and international solidarity. It is like the Eurovision song contest with the same potential for bitchery, but without the voting.
The first time London hosted an Olympic opening ceremony – in 1908 – organisers probably had an easier job keeping the details
Would you Adam and Eve it? ATM machines with a Cockney language option are being installed for visitors to the Olympics. They
There's only one Opening Ceremony I care about and it's the taste-making American store which has just landed right here in London.
There comes a point in every Olympic volunteer's life when you just can't help wondering precisely what mood elevator Gene Kelly was on when he wholeheartedly belted out his signature Singing in the Rain whilst happily splashing through puddle after puddle.