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Over the last few years YouGov has asked the British public many different questions about Margaret Thatcher and her legacy. For example, more than once we have asked people their opinion on who was the greatest of the post-war prime ministers. Margaret Thatcher wins by some distance. We have also asked who was the worst. Again, Margaret Thatcher comes out on top.
The Conservatives have suffered more grim opinion poll news after a surge by the UK Independence Party ate into its support
Support for the UK Independence Party (Ukip) has reached a new high of 15%, according to a poll published on Saturday night
There may come a time when Cameron is a liability and needs replacing. Historically, the Tories have been good at regicide, as Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and Iain Duncan Smith discovered.
Voters believe the Government has lost touch with ordinary people and overwhelmingly blame ministers for triggering panic
Labour has overturned the Conservatives' lead in the wake of George Osborne's highly controversial Budget, according to a
Support for Labour is plummeting, according to new voter research. The latest Guardian ICM opinion poll puts the Tories on
The Tories have opened up a five-point lead over Labour, according to a new opinion poll. The YouGov survey for The Sunday
David Cameron's hardline stance over the eurozone treaty appeared to have secured a significant boost in public opinion as
Opinion polls on voting intention suggest the Conservatives are continuing to slightly out-perform Labour, but the Lib Dems