overseas aid

Please join me in this call to ensure our leaders step up to the mark and fulfil their promise, it's time politicians keep their promise to 0.7% by enshrining it UK law - a moment that we can hopefully look back on someday and celebrate as a nation for years to come.
The political commitment is there and the achievements are clear. But in a time of austerity, where poorer people are suffering increased deprivation in the UK, why should we be giving so much money to overseas aid and then enshrining that giving in law?
UK-funded efforts to address food shortages in poor countries are welcome but activity on the ground needs to be speeded
We live in an age of mass media. Magazines, television, books, radio and social media provide us with a constant flow of information, news, entertainment and education. We now have access to information that previous generations could only dream of...
UKIP and our right wing press draw emotive comparisons between our foreign aid budget and cuts to services and budgets to be spent on home shores. They appeal to the witless nationalist tendencies amongst much of the British public, claiming that slashing spending on foreign aid could reduce cuts to services in the UK.
Our latest analysis at Counterpoint - a research and advisory group that looks at the social and cultural factors behind different types of risk - suggests that Bloom's attitude fits into UKIP's wider approach in the European Parliament.
A Government minister has called on UK clothes retailers to "assume responsibility" for the conditions in which garments
Let's not call this payment 'aid'. Call it 'reparation'. Call it 'compensation'. Call it 'giving back a percentage of what we've stolen this year' - not snappy, but at least it'd be true. But not aid. Aid suggests charity, and we have no right to call it that.
Charities have rounded on David Cameron after he suggested aid cash could be spent by the military. The "morally wrong" proposals
David Cameron has said the government would be prepared to use hundreds of millions of pounds of overseas aid cash to bail