It doesn't get much better than puff pastry, choux buns, cream and caramel.
Oh wow! Using 'The Fab Four' to decorate four pies - what a perfect choice for this round! The Beatles were literally made for this challenge! '... Einstein' Oh nope, she's an idiot.
Oh my word I've never seen so many herbs in the garden! This spell of warm wet weather has sent everything into a growing frenzy. The rocket is living up to its name - 'wild'. The parsley is going to need mowing if it grows another inch.
I like profiteroles because they're the ultimate sharing dessert - they just belong in the middle of a table which is always my preferred style. This combo marries crisp profiteroles with fresh cream and a fragrant, strangely addictive star anise caramel.
Here's a really lovely quiche recipe. It's not that hard, but if it's a bottle of wine day then maybe buy the pastry...
There is a really sensible progression through the cookbook so that you 'learn' as you go along. A lot of the recipes need a good bit of prep work but there are enough that can be made quickly when you need a sugar hit. Also while many of the ideas are complicated or require practiced skills they are well explained and worth trying out.
Want to know why a financier is called a financier? And no, I don't mean that kind, I mean the cakey type. Because the tins they are traditionally cooked in makes them look like gold bullion. There, you've learned something. It wasn't the only thing I learned on my French pastry course...
One of the Faroe Islands is called Lítla Dímun. As well as being a sub-editor's nightmare, it's also capable of transforming