Patricia Arquette

Including tear-jerking speeches and a fair few LOL-worthy moments too.
'What I am demonstrating is the craggy and uncertain terrain women negotiate in Entertainment and all businesses.'
Oliver is yet to respond to Patricia’s tweets and his agent is yet to respond to a request for comment sent by HuffPost UK
'It’s sad they decided they couldn't show a trans person who was so important in the community.'
Patricia Arquette has voiced her dissatisfaction with the Oscars, after sister Alexis Arquette was left out of the ‘In Memoriam
She was best known for her role in 'The Wedding Singer'.
Alexis Arquette has died at the age of 47, her family have confirmed. The actress, cabaret performer and transgender activist
When the 'No Makeup Selfie' craze started two years ago, I posted a defiant 'NEVER' on Facebook, and then immediately wondered why I felt so strongly about not doing it. I often think my friends look more beautiful without makeup, and their selfies showed it. Why not me?
Arquette confirms my fear of becoming a mother. A fear that has led to my non-normative decision in not having children; a decision that is constantly contested by society, my mother every time we Skype, and none the least by myself.
Arquette massively let herself down when she assumed that women of colour and LGBT+ women did not exist within the definition of 'woman', and she idea that multiple forms of discrimination act and can be seen in isolation from each other is one that is doing damage to these movements. But most of all, it is doing a disservice to the most marginalised people in our societies.
After picking up their awards at the Oscars on Sunday night, there was only one thing left for winners including Eddie Redmayne
Patricia Arquette, as highly expected, collected the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at this year's Academy Awards, and
‘Boyhood’ may the film on everyone’s lips now we’re firmly into this year’s Awards Season, but director Richard Linklater
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Patricia's character Olivia goes back to school to carve out a better life for
Filming for Boyhood began when Coltrane was just six years old and ended by the time he turned 18. Because of this, it's is an exceptionally unique observation of adolescence and the stresses and strains that we face growing up.