Pixie Lott

The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal starts on Wednesday with a concert fronted by singers Alesha Dixon and Pixie Lott
For our first ever trip to Ireland we opted to go to Belfast. A double treat as it was also the weekend that MTV Titanic Sounds Concert was taking place, and also the launch of the brand new sparkly Titantic Museum.
With her designer dress, tousled blonde locks, bronzed skin and perfectly made up face, Pixie Lott looked every inch the
British actor Jude Law helped kick off the London 2012 Festival as host of a peace concert in Northern Ireland on Thursday
Katy gets smuggled out Hopefully she showed her face on the inside, or that would have been pretty unsociable of her. Pixie
Sometimes celebs just need a little bit of personal space but try telling that to their fans! If they're not going in for
Recently I came across an article that women still do more housework than men , so I started asking my friends if they did more housework than their men. The answer was yes. My experience is the same. Yet when it comes to money I split everything down the middle with my boyfriend, and so do my friends.
She might only be 20-years-old but Pixie Lott is already showing older stars how to party until dawn and still keep your
It's good to know that despite the make-up artists, great lighting and top photographers, celebs are just like the rest of