They've littered streets and waterways throughout the pandemic – but now, you can recycle them.
Water vapour has been discovered in the atmosphere of another world by researchers at University College London. The ‘super-Earth’, named K2-18b, is 110 light years away – making it the only known planet outside of our solar system with conditions that could support life.
'We also detected planets that range from sub Earth-sized to the size of Jupiter and larger,'
If we lose the planet we lose the very basis of our existence and nothing else will matter. There is no plan B and, indeed, no planet B. Now is the time to act positively and to start reversing the damage.
Earth isn't the only active planet after all.
In case you were planning on moving to Mercury, you might want to reconsider, as it seems the planet is slowly shrinking
They say three’s a crowd, but it seems that isn’t much of a problem in the far reaches of our galaxy. For the first time