Police officer

The 29-year-old Black man was shot in the back multiple times by police in Kenosha.
Kai Agyepong was left "terrified" and led away in handcuffs after 25 police officers and sniffer dogs raided his family's house in London.
The soles of his shoes were torn off after a car was driven at him in north London.
Doctors, teachers and police officers are among frontline workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic who will see extra money in their pay packet.
The arrest was described as mirroring "exactly what happened to George Floyd".
A man was Tasered and arrested during the incident in Hendon.
Seven police officers were injured while dispersing an illegal rave on Friday night.
Six people were injured during the attack in a hotel on Friday afternoon.
Six people were injured during the incident on Friday afternoon.
Despite high profile complaints made about police encounters with Black men, Commissioner remains adamant her force is not as bad as campaigners fear.