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At the "Mother And Child" Los Angeles Premiere at the Egyptian Theatre on April 19 2011 At the Emmy Awards on Sept. 23 2012
Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh have three new reasons to be happy ― the couple have recently welcomed triplets
"I'm Better" is her best song in a while.
It might be all over for Brangelina but pop culture and politics is the power couple that's here to stay. It is perhaps a
What do pop stars, chocolate bars and Prime Ministers have in common? No, it's not a dodgy one liner. All three have all
Lemonade appears to be closing the door on a chapter. A door intrusively pushed ajar by an unsuspecting elevator surveillance tape. The public clamoured for an explanation, however, Beyonce's true response was never likely to please everybody.
Red carpets in Hollywood are insane. They certainly like to fill them up with as many media outlets as they can. The Bafta Tea party is a pretty tame one compared with some that I've been to. At times you feel like sardines.
Having been barred from the Brit Pop party, it seems that only now are critics reassessing the undeniable pop sensibilities of David Devant & His Spirit Wife. And hearing the songs on this album, it's an absolute wonder that it has taken so long.