pumpkin carving

It seems the US’ love of Halloween has firmly rooted itself in British culture. These families are pulling pumpkins out the ground at patch boasting over 70 varieties of the fruit in Kent, south-east England.
“If only there was an environmentally-friendly alternative... you know, like an ACTUAL PUMPKIN.” 🎃
Then there was this party platter pumpkin. Note to self, for our next birthday we want a pumpkin, forget a cake.  Read more
It's that time of year again when Americans get over excited about Halloween. As such, a person in the United States was
And by 'you' we do of course mean 'us'. Yes, this squirrel is definitely in the Halloween mood. Just watch him nibbling away
Love carving pumpkins? Looking for something to do during the summer months, when there aren't any pumpkins around? Why, simply
"If you wanna make a pumpkin, you have to push the limits," says Ray Villafane, a Michigan sculptor featured in one of the
Gather round, everyone. This nice man from America - YouTuber Hickok45 - would like to show us all how to carve a traditional
Pumpkin carving is a sport which separates the artists from the amateurs. Some people (Team MyDaily, for example) are pleased